My name is Liz. I'm eighteen and am a freshman at Flagler College. I love to bike, work out my legs, eat healthy and I love theatre. Mostly I post personal posts about how my journey is going, sometimes I'll post fitspo, and the like. I also post recipes of the things I eat! Check them out!

Height: 5'5"
HW: 194 lb
CW: 173 lb
GW: 150 lb

Total lost so far: 21 lb
Pounds left to lose: 23 lb

35 1/2"/42" - 31" - 39"

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So I went to the doctor today and that was that.

I’m getting bloodwork done on Friday, and a mammogram done sometime next week. Which both sound like “fun” and by “fun” I mean, they sound terrible.

So I got on the scale and I was shocked, and a little upset, because the doctor’s scale was two pounds off from the one at my house, so at the doctor’s I weighed in at 185, which kind of sucked. But then I thought about it, and either way you slice it, if my scale at home is off, I’ve still lost weight. Which is nice :)

I went out to lunch with my mom afterward and did great, I had sweet potato fries, a yummy turkey sandwich topped with veggies (avocado! yummy), a bit of her flat bread (also topped with veggies), and a little bit of cheesecake (I ate a strawberry too, and it was HUGE). I did good, considering that that’s all I ate today.

I’m feeling good, I need to be working out again. I find it easier to work out when someone is making me (duh!). I need my buddies back :)

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